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Dreams and learning opportunities - A journey into software development
In this webinar we'll hear from Anita Dreosti, Principle Software Engineer at Vanquis Bank as she shares her unconventional journey into software engineering and discusses how pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone is a fantastic learning opportunity.

By joining this session you will discover;

• Goals are attainable, even if the paths are unconventional
• How to embrace new or unfamiliar technology - no matter how scary
• The benefits of being a trail blazer with using new tech

This is an opportunity for those looking to get into software engineering or a career in technology to explore how you can make this happen.

Sep 20, 2021 12:00 PM in London

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Anita Dreosti
Developer @Vanquis Bank
A country girl, dreaming big and learning fast. From a young age I knew that I would be moving around a lot and maintained the belief that I wanted a career that could travel easily. I grew up in South Africa and started adventuring from age 19. Part of my adventuring led me to live and work on boats in the Caribbean for 6 years, even though I get seasick. While I've lived in over 6 countries and relocated more than 15 times , I've met and made friends with more people than I can remember. Although each move has been tough physically and emotionally, I've treasured each opportunity that has presented itself, and found a passion for a portable career in the form of Software development.